PROtect Integrity Plus Erasmus+ Project Meeting in Helsinki

PROtect Integrity Plus Erasmus+ Project Meeting in Helsinki

Project partners and staff have gathered in Helsinki, Finland for three days PROtect Integrity Plus Red Button meeting. The project, co-financed by the European Union and the private betting operators ESSA, EGBA and RGA, aims to fight against match-fixing by making sure that the professional and elite players in Europe have a secure and trusted App available to report anything suspicious.

The goal of the meeting was to prepare the seven partner player associations (AJFS, GIBA, HPVPA, HSF, RPA, RPI, PROVALE) to adapt and implement the Red Button app in 7 countries and 5 different sport. EU Athletes works closely with JPY and FIFPro, who have first developed the App, in order to ultimately create a first European-wide player unions-led reporting system across sports.

The project will help improve cooperation with player associations and National Platforms and create new synergies at the European and Global level. Prominent guests and experts, including Tiina Kivisaari (Ministry of Educaton and Culture) Harri Syvasalmi and Jouko Ikonen (Finnish Centre for Integrity in Sports), Martn Rostgaard (Anti-doping Denmark, Danish Natonal Platform), Paolo Bertaccini (Italian Government Office for Sport) have participated in the meeting and shared their achievements and experiences related to fight against match-fixing and dealing with the reports.

The new versions of the App are expected to be ready this summer. Subsequently, partner player associations will provide face-to-face integrity education to more than 3000 professional and elite level players and will introduce the new system to them during team visits.

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PROtect Integrity Plus Kick-off Meeting

PROtect Integrity Plus Kick-off Meeting

The first staff meeting of EU Athletes-coordinated Erasmus+ project PROtect Integrity Plus has taken place at Provale’s office in Toulouse, France on the 26th of January 2018.

The project is a continuation of the succesful PROtect Integrity campaign against match-fixing, started back in 2010 in partnership with ESSA, EGBA and RGA. The new project, following on the need analysis and player feedback, aims to adapt and implement Red Button reporting app in 5 sports (basketball, futsal, handball, rugby, volleyball) in 7 European countries (Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, UK) in order to make sure that athletes have a secure system available to report anything suspicious. Red Button was developped by JPY (Finish Football Players Association) and FIFPro, who will also be involved in the project to share their experiences. Project will also include academic research on reporting and the systsem’s efficiency, led by prof. David Forrest (University of Liverpool).

Next stage of the project is the Red Button Meeting, which will take place in Helsinki, Finland, and will prepare project partners for the project implementation at the national level.


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Internship offer

Internship offer

EU Athletes is the European federation of player associations and sport trade unions in Europe ( representing more than 35 players associations in 13 different EU Member States. We are also affiliated to World Players Association, the international federation of player unions (

EU Athletes is an established stakeholder in the sport sector, cooperating with the European Union and Council of Europe institutions and bodies. Since 2013, we have implemented multiple EU-funded project on topics such as integrity in sport, dual career of athletes and gender equality.

Within the framework of our new Erasmus+ project, EU Athletes is looking for an intern to support the project team managing the project in the field of the fight against match-fixing and implementing various project activities. The work will consist also in daily communication and administrative tasks, as well advocacy and policy work in different areas.

The position will provide an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in the professional sport sector, working for independent organisation representing European athletes from different sports.


Duration of the internship: 5-6 months

Beginning of the internship: March-April 2018

Monthly compensation, with possibility to apply for Erasmus+ Mobility for Traineeships

Location of the internship: Brussels, with possible travel within the EU


Profile of the intern:

Student currently enrolled in master’s degree programme: management, administration of EU projects, political science or similar.


Methodology of European projects management;

Excellent writing, summarizing and reporting;

Strong organization skills;

Computer skills;

Sociable, with strong communication and people skills;

Autonomy, mobility and flexibility;

Fluent English, knowledge of other European languages is a plus.


An interest in the professional sports environment is a plus, as well as a sensitivity in (sports) trade unionism and the rights of athletes. Finally, a reflection/knowledge on the impact of the Lisbon Treaty on the professional sports sector would be highly appreciated.


Interested candidates are kindly asked to send their application (CV and a short cover letter) before the 9th of February 2018. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews, which will take place in February (in Brussels or via Skype).

Contact: Paulina TOMCZYK





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PROtect Integrity Wrap-up Meeting

PROtect Integrity Wrap-up Meeting

The staff of our Erasmus+ “2016 PROtect Integrity” project met last week in Amsterdam for the final project meeting. The main goal of the meeting was to review and evaluate the project so far and discuss the remaining actions, including the ongoing research, led by prof. David Forrest and based on responses collected from players’ questionnaires, aiming to evaluate the integrity education delivered by player association during team visits. The paper and other outputs of the project will be published before the end of the year.

Besides project’s main focus on delivering face-to-face integrity education to 15 000 players in Europe, the project has included many other activities and positive developments, such as successful #PROtectIntegrity social media campaign, meetings covering specific issues as well as dialogue and cooperation with essential stakeholders.

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PROtect Integrity Dissemination Conference

PROtect Integrity Dissemination Conference

With our Erasmus+ project “2016 PROtect Integrity” concluding at the end of the year, we have organized the Dissemination Conference in Barcelona on 25-27th of September. The goal of this event was to share the first results of the project, share best practices and partners’ experiences through the project and to further discuss issues related to match-fixing and the player unions’ role in protecting the integrity of sport.

The Conference has gathered around 50 participants representing national player unions (from and outside project consortium) and other organizations such as  FIFPro, IRPA, PPF, World Players, Europol, ESSA, RGA and National Platforms from France and Denmark. The delegates had an opportunity to get an update on completed and ongoing project activities of the project, particularly the academic research led by prof. David Forrest, as well as best practices presented by partner player associations. With the ambition to go further in order to tackle match-fixing, the second day included interventions on initiatives and cooperation against match fixing.

The Conference took place during the European Week of Sport, which is strongly supported by EU Athletes and its members. As a part of the project, we have prepared a short video available here, which features elite players from around Europe, united in the #BeActive and #PROtectIntegrity message addressed to grassroots level and young athletes.

The PROtect Integrity initiative will continue next year, with the Erasmus+ project “PROtect Integrity Plus”.


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EU Athletes application PROtect Integrity+, selected for EU co-funding as part of Erasmus+ Sport Programme

EU Athletes application PROtect Integrity+, selected for EU co-funding as part of Erasmus+ Sport Programme

In April 2016, EU Athletes have submitted an application to the Erasmus+ Sport Programme for a project related to Matchfixing  : PROtectIntegrity+.

Last week the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, also known as EACEA, selected EU Athletes to receive a funding of 204.656€ between January 2018 and December 2019 to implement the action.

This grant will be complementary to the financial support offered by the private betting operator, EGBA, ESSA and RGA who have been co-funders of our education program since 2010.

For Yves KUMMER, President of EU Athletes, it’s a great opportunity to continue working to protect the integrity of sport in Europe:

We have now a long history with the private betting operators, they were the first one to believe that player Unions could implement a European wide prevention and education program directly to players. This new project will focus on whistleblowing and reporting and will offer to players, in 8 countries and 8 different sports, new tools to report any forms of approaches. This is something that doesn’t exists yet.

Over the last couple of years the private betting operators have supported the EU Athletes initiatives and for Khalid ALI, General Secretary of ESSA, it’s a new chapter that is about to start in 2018.

We have been working together with EU Athletes for more than 7 years now and we are really this partnership will continue for at least an other 2 years. Integrity of sport is fundamental for private betting operators and we are looking forward to this new project.

The first meeting of PROtectIntegrity+ is scheduled for the last week of January 2018 in Paris, France.

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